Why become a member?


Becoming a referral partner with works both ways for our firm as well as the firm of the professionals listed above.


1. Free “Business Card” Website. Provided a Listing within our referral partners specific to state and or area of the client.  This will be an additional lead and referral source for the member or the member’s firm.  You can piggy-back our advertising on Google, Yahoo, and thousands of other websites.  We perform all the task in marketing you and your firm.  Our founders have been operating since 1994 and have spent millions of advertising with google.  In a way, your firm is getting a professional advertising / marketing team through your membership.


2. Referrals to your firm based on our advertising and marketing strategies.  The cost for membership is only $100.00 per year.  This will provide your “Business Card” website and description to customers that visit our site and utilize our services.  When a Legal, Tax, Accounting, or Financial question is presented by a client we will automatically refer our client, business or personal to you or your firm for a prompt response that could generate hundreds or thousands of additional revenue dollars for one annual fee of $100.00.


3. Discounts on the all services performed by our company to your advantage.



           a. Discounted processing fees, all inclusive for corporations, business formation, obtaining a tax id, or completing state and federal forms on behalf of your         firm. You will obtain access to a dedicated  system for your firm that will provide you with a unique code and discount for Incorporation or Business Formation Services.


          b. Business formation, any classification, is only $137.50 plus the state filing fee.  This includes every service of our Gold Package and Basic Trademark Searches.  Also included in the discounted Member fee for Attorneys, C.P.A.’s, Accountants, Tax professionals, and Financial Professionals is the Deluxe Corporate Kit or LLC Limited Liability Kit as described on our Corporate Kit’s page.  This is a savings of $109.00



           c. Free your time up!  Our company works as a back-end processing team that would allow you and your firm to free up the time for less tedious task and provide you with the time to concentrate on your industry niche.  In many instances, you are making money by providing our services to your clients.   If you or your firm charge $500-600 per filing  the difference of $250- $400 is your profit depending on the state filing fee. Our complete filing and document services saves you and your staff time and money.  You can pass the savings on to your clients